Warranty conditions

The following statutory warranty provisions form the basis of the warranty agreement signed with the consumer (non-professional end-user).


• The seller guarantees that the bicycle corresponds to the order and complies with the Belgian legislation on product safety and the latest state of the art. The apparent defects which the buyer at the time of delivery has known or could have known of the existence, be considered in the absence of protest by the buyer accepted as silk, by the mere fact of delivery.

Warranty duration:

It is expressly agreed between the parties, unless written statement on the front of the order that a longer warranty will be given for the whole or parts of the bicycle to the buyer, the intervention of the seller in respect of the warranty is determined 24 months from delivery.

Content - Scope

• For each absence beyond the visible defects, the repair or replacement of the bicycle covered by the following warranty is: the buyer has the right to demand the repair of the bike, unless such repair is technically impossible or outside ratio, would prove relative to the value of the bicycle and in the interest of the defect. In that case, the buyer may require an appropriate price reduction or termination of the sale if it can not obtain the repair or replacement of the bicycle. This shall also apply if the seller has not performed the repair or replacement within a reasonable time or without serious disadvantage to the buyer. Any refund of the Price to the buyer will be reduced by an amount equal to the capital loss due to use.

• Any use that manifests itself within the first six months of delivery shall be subject to proof to the contrary by the seller shall be deemed to have already existed at the time of delivery.

• After the expiry of the initial period of six months, the buyer retains his rights to same warranty if he proves that the defects which manifested themselves before the expiry of the warranty already existed at the time of delivery.

• Under no circumstances the buyer may require the termination of the contract if the defect which he claims was of minor importance.

• Any repairs will be carried out within a reasonable time and without any disadvantage for the buyer.

• When using suspension forks the instructions of the manufacturer should be strictly followed and normal warranty provisions will apply.

• The work carried out under warranty must be performed in the workshop of the seller or at a workplace designated by him. With a written consent of the seller, the buyer may carry out the repairs in another workshop.

• The warranty does not cover maintenance, adjustments, tightening and other preparations needed for normal use of the bicycle or the parts and organs that are normally replaced during servicing. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the bike (eg. Tire, chain, cables and brake pads). The warranty can not be invoked by the purchaser when due to the lack of an abnormal use of the bicycle is to negligence or damaged by accident or crash, a lack or poor maintenance by the purchaser or when the bike was rebuilt or used in competitions, unless expressly specified on the order form by the buyer and accepted by the vendor. Repairs and settings from an authorized dealer are not eligible for warranty. Repairs and settings with not originally referred or compatible parts are excluded from warranty. Likewise for rental bikes. • The intervention under warranty from the seller depends on the use of the bicycle with due diligence and respect for the instructions of the manufacturer.

• The repairs are under warranty for at least the ongoing warranty period of the cycle. This warranty covers both the work done as the replaced parts, unless they were supplied by the purchaser.

• The buyer who wishes to invoke the warranty notify the seller in writing within the shortest possible time from the moment when the buyer has to determine whether they should fix the flaws.

• The buyer will not aggravate the damage by not using the bike. If he continues to use the bike, the aggravation will be taken into account to determine the degree of intervention of the seller.

• The liability of the seller for damages caused by a lack of the sold bicycle (physical injury or damage to other property) is governed by the general law.

• The cost of transporting the bicycle and / or parts to and from the dealer, be borne by the owner.